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Mission Statement:
Why transition to 100% Clean Energy

The Granite Clean Energy Campaign is a student-led initiative working to take action for a more just and equitable future. With support from Sierra Club Utah and Sierra Club’s Climate Parents Program, we are working to pass a 100% Clean Energy Resolution in the Granite School District. The Resolution would commit the District to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and off of oil and gas by 2040. We are working in collaboration with parents, teachers, faculty, and students across the District, with a core team of students from Skyline, Cottonwood, and Kearns High Schools! 


This campaign is a part of a broader student-led movement that's gaining momentum among school districts around the country and in Utah to respond and mitigate climate impacts and protect the health of future generations.


Following the success of recent student efforts to pass a 100% Clean Energy Resolution in the Salt Lake City School District, we see this campaign as a catalyst for other school districts and communities to follow. 


Interested in supporting our work? If you are an organization or community partner, fill out the form here. For general campaign support, click here

What We're Doing and Why We're Doing it


-Creates the opportunity for the district to pursue pathways to affordably finance 100% clean energy over the next two decades.

-Creates process for building an implementation plan to support stakeholder engagement with district, staff, and board collaboration to meet goals.

-Puts forward important goals in a form that set non-binding benchmarks.

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What this resolution does not do

This resolution will not divert resources from student and classroom learning.  In fact, it will make more resources available to students and teachers.

Sign the petition

Signing this simple petition will allow us to show Granite School District the support behind this resolution.

Cost Savings

Cost savings from transitioning to 100% clean energy can be reinvested into teachers and students, with a focus on closing the opportunity gap in schools.

Climate Benefits

Climate change has become widely accepted as one of the most pressing issues of out time.  As educators and community leaders, schools and schools districts have the chance to effectively educate children and teenagers about climate issues before it's too late.

Educational Equity

Climate change disproportionately affects low-income communities and communities of color.  Fighting climate change helps give these communities more opportunities and true equity.

The shift to clean energy can provide new STEM and
sustainability curricula to the schools. Companies offering power purchasing agreements or solar technology for direct purchase often offer these
resources to schools.


Climate change and bad air quality as a result of fossil fuel burning can cause serious health issues including but not limited to asthma and various types of cancer.  Switching to clean energy can have huge health benefits, particularly in children, and reduce school absences.

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